Hearing Augmentation

Hearing Augmentation

What is hearing Augmentation and why do I need it?

Hearing augmentation allows for those with moderate-to-severe hearing impairments to be able to receive audio in situations where they otherwise would struggle. It can be defined as a transmitting and receiving system for enhancing intelligibility ‘of sound’ (such as speech, conversation or music) at the ear of the listener to achieve a significantly improved signal to noise ratio (S/N) by increasing volume and reducing reverberation and background noise for people who are hearing impaired.

We will ensure your system complies with industry standards.

We will evaluate and design your system for you to ensure your system complies with the standard set by the Building Code of Australia. We’ll let you know whether you need an IR system or a hearing loop. If you don’t know the difference - don’t worry! Our technicians will lay it out for you.

We only use quality products from Ampetronic & Williams Sound

With these high-quality brands, you can ensure that nobody has trouble utilising your system.

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