School Halls

Why do you need us?

Unfortunately there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” option for any venue, large or small. Differing heights, lengths, widths and building materials can turn what seems a simple audio-visual set-up into a hard-to-fix nightmare. At KAV Technology, we have experience with all sorts of venue sizes and locations, so we know how to tailor an experience exactly for your building.

Some of the common head-aches found in multi-use venues include:

  • Projection: the wrong projector can result in hard-to read images, rendering them effectively useless.

  • Lighting: ensure your stage has adequate options for all occasions. From morning assembly to a night-time theatre production, with the right lighting you can turn a single venue into something far more versatile.

  • Microphone systems: sound dead-zones are common with the wrong microphone or speaker placement. We have special instruments specifically to make sure that no one spot is too quiet (or too loud!)

  • Mixing consoles in conjunction with the appropriate audio equipment can allow to individual tune every aspect of your sound system so it is appropriate for any sort of event.

  • Acoustic treatment options allow you to soundproof and direct sound in ways to directly benefit the shape of your building.

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