School Halls

Why do you need us?

Unfortunately there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” option for any venue, large or small. Differing heights, lengths, widths and building materials can turn what seems a simple audio-visual set-up into a hard-to-fix nightmare. At KAV Technology, we have experience with all sorts of venue sizes and locations, so we know how to tailor an experience exactly for your building.

Some of the common head-aches found in multi-use venues include:

  • Projection: the wrong projector can result in hard-to read images, rendering them effectively useless.

  • Lighting: ensure your stage has adequate options for all occasions. From morning assembly to a night-time theatre production, with the right lighting you can turn a single venue into something far more versatile.

  • Microphone systems: sound dead-zones are common with the wrong microphone or speaker placement. We have special instruments specifically to make sure that no one spot is too quiet (or too loud!)

  • Mixing consoles in conjunction with the appropriate audio equipment can allow to individual tune every aspect of your sound system so it is appropriate for any sort of event.

  • Acoustic treatment options allow you to soundproof and direct sound in ways to directly benefit the shape of your building.

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Video Conferencing

What is Video Conferencing?

We understand that having all your students or teachers in once space to meet isn’t always possible in the modern world. That is why we offer a range of video-conferencing solutions that will allow you to enhance productivity without wasting time on needless travel or endless technical bugs.

What can it do?

In addition to providing straight-forward video communication, we provide a range of options that will allow all participants to not only seamlessly communicate, but also to collaborate. With a range of options available, we can also ensure that the options we offer will integrate with virtually any existing video conferencing platform you may already use. Systems such as Crestron RL and Crestron Mercury will allow any end-user to collaborate, communicate, record and stream from anywhere, on any device, and with security.

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Collaborative Technologies

Collaborative Technologies

Systems such as Barco Clickshare or Crestron Air Media allow multiple participants to connect to a single screen to collaborate on any type of project. 4k support means that everyone can annotate meetings or projects live, with plenty of screen-space to achieve anything. Manageable user levels allow you to moderate these sessions with ease from any device, be it tablet, PC or phone.

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Interactive Technologies

As classrooms become more complicated, so do the technologies required become more powerful to ensure no message is ever lost in translation.

We have a range of technologies available to allow full interaction between teachers and students alike on a range of different levels. Interactive projectors from respected companies such as Epson allow you to draw on a projected screen with only your fingertips. Touch-screen displays provide intuitive interfaces to maximise productivity no matter the level of technical proficiency of the end-user.

On top of that, we can motorise trolleys, carts and displays so they can slip seamlessly out of sight when not in use, keeping your space minimal and your products safe. We can build PC’s into your existing environment to avoid any eye-sores.

And lastly, we understand that not everybody has the same level of expertise. That is why our experienced installers offer free training for any system supplied, with on-going service agreements possible at your request.

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