One Remote

Imagine sitting in the comfort of your lounge chair, you press “Watch Movie”

The movie starts, the lights dim, front door locks, sound system is configured, blinds shut

The experience begins!

All possible from the press of a single button. No more fumbling between five different remotes before watching your favorite flick!

The Control4 SR-260 and SR-260-I

Control 4 remotes are the perfect hand-held interfaces to the whole home. These beautiful remotes feel good in the hand, have an intuitive button layout perfect for one-handed operation, and are highly customizable.

  • Replace all coffee table remotes with one that controls all audio and video equipment, along with lights, music, temperature, shades and more.

  • Redesigned button layout makes the media experience more intuitive and easy to use in the dark or with one hand.

  • Incredibly fast response time.

  • Custom buttons make it easy to personalize the remote for each room or activity.

  • Big, bright, higher-resolution screen displays customizable colors and supports multiple languages.

  • Perfect for any home worldwide, the remote is available with standard English buttons and international icons.

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