Automated Lighting

Automated Lighting

Our lighting integration allows you to create the perfect atmosphere at the touch of your fingertips, no matter the occasion. Then, save your presets so they can be quickly used whenever you need. Imagine arming your security system as you leave and know that all your lights are turned off – now that’s smart!

Solutions Offered:

– Control4 Centralised Lighting & Puck Style (Retrofit-able)

– Crestron Zum

– Clipsal C-Bus

Have an existing lighting system such as Dynalite, KNX, Z-Wave, etc? Our systems can integrate with virtually any automated lighting platform.  Just starting out & don't know what platform to choose?  Allow KAV to assist with the design of your project to ensure your expectations are met prior to the construction stage.

Get started with the magic of smart lighting in just one room, or brighten up the entire house.

Wireless lighting is guaranteed to complement the beauty of any home, new or old, large or small. Customizable buttons allow you to control more than just lighting—including music, movies, and more—with a simple press. Turn on/off multiple rooms or the entire house with one tap, have the lights illuminate in the theater when the pause button is pressed, and lights can turn off automatically when the room is unoccupied. Your home can even alternate lights to appear occupied while you’re away.

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