Home Automation

Home Automation

Take Control of your World

At Kudos Audio Visual we specialise in tailoring your automation and audio-visual needs to suit your unique home or business environment. No two clients are the same, and our consultants with years of industry experience are here to make sure that you are fitted with a system that will work to your very specific requirements.

Why choose an automation system?

Home automation systems simplify life. Do you remember what it was like to manually turn a dial to call someone else’s phone? While on its own simple and quick task, it would quickly seem inconvenient, unnecessary and slow by modern standards. This is how an automation system will make you feel about the most straight-forward of tasks. You will never need to worry about leaving the lights on or watering the garden ever again.

What is an automation system?

An integrated automation system can allow seamless control over endless number of functions, all from one common user interface. From TV, to aircon, all the way to your coffee machine and even automated blinds – you can control all and much more at the press of a single button

These systems are also perfect for streamlining business environments to improve efficiencies and user experiences. As a result, the systems are simpler to setup, don’t require technical staff and inspire confidence.

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