Integrated Security

Integrated Security

In addition to giving you more time for the things that really matter in life, automation systems are perfectly suited to integrating with modern security & CCTV systems. While most security systems only provide basic feedback during alarms – often taking minutes for monitoring stations to log-in and view cameras during potential incidents – home automation security integration allows your site to be safer than ever before with location-based recordings immediately available whenever necessary.

Be notified instantly when your home goes into alarm via Control4 push notifications, then attend to the potential threat immediately via the integrated IP Cameras installed around your home. For the security conscious, ensure all your windows & doors are secure without doing the dash back home via Control4 4Sight.  

With a Home Automation System, you'll always be in control allowing you to get on with the things that matter in life.

Easily view and manage locks, or grant or remove access to the house. Receive notification the moment that something isn’t right, such as a pipe leaking in the basement or the garage door left open. Monitor the state of your home, no matter how far away you are, by putting the control in your own hands.

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