Your System Anywhere!

With an automation system, you now gain the possibility of controlling and viewing your home or business wherever you go. Someone at the door? No problem, see who’s there and let them in all from your smart device. Need to arm the security system after they leave? All made possible via automation.

If you're living in a Control4 Smart Home, get connected like never before. With a yearly 4Sight subscription, you’ll get the most out of your smart home with added hands-on personalization, voice control, and mobile access.

View cameras, open or close the garage, unlock the front door, even turn the lights on or off. With 4Sight, you can connect to your system while you’re away and control and manage all of your system’s features. It’s peace of mind at its finest.

Create your own personalized push notifications to alert you when people come and go, a water leak is detected, even if the garage door has been left ajar. Whether it’s urgent and needs immediate attention, or you simply want a status update, your home will let you know.

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