CCTV Systems For Pubs Clubs & Hotels

Benefits of CCTV

Besides the obvious benefit of physical security and theft prevention, having the right CCTV system installed in your premises can prove to be a very effective management tool. Your surveillance system can be used for monitoring your operational processes for occupational health & safety (OHS), as well as observing personnel and stock movement.

Our Design

We design and maintain security systems to our customers’ requirements; these systems include many features, like: low light capabuility, motion only recording, video analitics,facial Cataloguing. Our digital IP mega-pixel cameras are up to 30 times higher quality than standard CCTV systems, which means that they can even detect if an object has been removed or placed in an area. With our network video recorders (NVR) you can seamlessly watch surveillance cameras from multiple sites at the same time, from anywhere in the world.