Audio For Pubs Clubs & Hotels

Sound Matters When Entertaining Your Guests

As pubs and restaurants throughout Brisbane know well, music is a great way to create the right atmosphere. Your selection of music playing in the background can encourage a relaxed environment, whilst promoting your companies unique style.

While walking through a shop, bar or restaurant it’s important to have a constant level of clean sound, rather than going from too loud as you walk under the speaker, to hardly hearing it once you have passed.  Kudos Audio Visual are experts in sound distribution, we understand how acoustics may change throughout the day depending on a number of factors. Things such as the number of people in premises, if windows are open or closed, the location of furniture or even the temperature, can all effect the distribution and clarity of your sound system.

Our intelligently designed systems will help address all these factors automatically throughout the day. From when you open in the morning for breakfast, the automated sound system knows to play relaxing music softly in the background, at lunch the music changes to more upbeat songs, and because you are getting busier the sound level increases to compensates. At night once again as the clock hits six, your automated sound system knows to change to your night selection of music, the level on the outside speakers slowly decrease and the automated lighting adjusts to fit the mood and to comply with council regulations.

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