Commercial Car Park CCTV Systems

CCTV Systems Designed For Commercial Car Parks

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Corporate car parks, commercial car parks and airport parking companies are among the fastest growing industries in Brisbane and across Australia. With our busy cities and lack of adequate safe parking near our airports and offices, customers and staff are looking for safe affordable parking in larger numbers each month.

Running a secure car park brings its own challenges. Customers want value for money, while knowing that their car will be safe and secure from the moment they drop it off. That is why having the right CCTV system in your facility is vitally important. Not only does it help ensure your facility remains secure, but can also help protect your staff from being wrongly accused by customers of damage to their vehicles as well as allowing you to monitor performance and safety of your staff.

With our secure car park CCTV system, a high quality image is recorded for each new vehicle entering your facility; this image is taken with a high resolution mega-pixel  IP camera to ensure that the number plate, along with any obvious noticeable damage can be logged and recorded on a secure network video recorder. Our mega-pixel cameras can provide an image 30 times clearer than standard CCTV systems.

Your secure car park CCTV system can be programmed to log a record of each number plate that enters or leaves your premises, it can also be used to locate where a car is on your premises. KAV Technology Specialists have the experience and expertise to ensure your secure car park CCTV system will provide the peace of mind that your company deserves.

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