Comprehensive Building Management Solutions

KAV Technology Specialists are a value-for-investment industry leader in designing comprehensive security solutions for your business.  Our technical expertise, systems, procedures and stringent service standards will deliver the total control you need in your residential building, corporate offices, contact centre, commercial property, bank or government premises.  The experts at KAV will consult with your business to develop a systematic, accurately documented, total solution to all your access control, digital camera surveillance or CCTV, intercom, data, communications and alarm system requirements.

KAV Technology Specialists has a proud track record of complying with the highest service and safety standards.  We are experts at project managing the delivery of your customised security solution from design and installation through to  maintenance: with clear, timely communication.  We are sensitive to the specific needs of all commercial, body corporate and corporate businesses and combine world’s best practice and state of the art technology to let you take control of your business environment. Our valued clients include industry leaders and household names in Australian business.


KAV Technology Specialists has a range of CCTV equipment, which is specially designed for commercial environments. A surveillance system in a residential high rise for example, will have very different requirements from a system that you would have in any other industry. Ensuring not only the physical security of your building, but also giving your residents peace of mind knowing that their homes are in safe hands.

KAV Technology Specialists install CCTV systems for residential, office and commercial buildings all across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Our wide range of customers choose us as their CCTV security provider due to our reliability and customer service, 24 hours per day.


Our Design

We design and maintain security systems to our customers’ requirements; these systems can include facial recognition, thermal imaging, and automatic number plate recognition. Our digital IP mega-pixel cameras are up to 30 times higher quality than standard CCTV systems, which means that they can even detect if an object has been removed or placed in an area. With our network video recorders (NVR) you can seamlessly watch surveillance cameras from multiple sites at the same time, from anywhere in the world.

Our CCTV systems can be integrated with your building management software, access control and alarm system to create a complete security solution for any building, warehouse or commercial environment.

Benefits of CCTV

Besides the obvious benefit of physical security and theft prevention, having the right CCTV system installed in your premises can prove to be a very effective management tool. Your surveillance system can be used for monitoring your industrial processes for occupational health & safety (OHS), as well as observing personnel and stock movement.



KAV Technology Specialists have a wide range of access control products to suit all commercial environments. We install and service access control systems of all sizes, from sites that only require a simple one door setup, to sky rise buildings with a hundred different access points.

The Brisbane access control industry is fast growing, due to the number of companies that require their staff to come and go at different times.  Companies want the ability to monitor their staff as well as ensure that only authorised persons can gain access to their company's premises. Having a receptionist located at the front door is not practical for businesses that are located in large multi-story buildings.

For companies located in office blocks, our system can be programmed to ensure that only staff working on a specific floor, are able to gain access via the elevator. Each time an employee enters the building or a specific area, a note of their activity will be made in the access control system. This ensures that each area remains secure, whilst also helping maintain staff productivity.

Access control is essential for residential buildings as only tenants should be a able to access their floors as well as specific communal spaces such as the gym or swimming pool. When combined with CCTV and an Intercom system, tenants can provide remote access via the lift and relevant doors to let their visitors in after a visual and verbal verification of who they are, providing security to both the tenant and other residents.

Our access control systems are perfect for warehouse and logistic environments, residential buildings and offices.  Our affordable systems have already proved to be an important part of many of Queensland businesses.


KAV Technology Specialists are your Brisbane based intercom specialists. For the last thirteen years KAV Technology Specialists have been installing intercoms on sites throughout Brisbane and Australia, from simple residential systems, to large sky rise apartments and commercial buildings.

Our team of technicians are fully trained on a wide range of systems, As we are a full service security company not only an intercom installer, we can handle every aspect of your system including access control integration, visual verification and CCTV.

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