Emergency Lift Phone nbn Ready

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Comprehensive Emergency Lift phone /Intercom Package

For All Lift Communications

• Battery Backed Up System

• Capable Of Driving 4 Lifts, 13 Stations Per Card

• Machine Room Intercom Station

• TOP Of Car Intercom Station

• PIT Intercom Station

• Programmable Via SMS Or LAN Port Using Built-In Web Server

Wireless emergency phone bridge

lift wirless bridge.JPG
wirless bridge uses by model.JPG
Wireless bridge placement.JPG

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Building Lifts the NBN, How to Migrate

What does migration to the nbn™ network mean for building owners and managers?

To ensure the safe migration of fire indicator panel and emergency lift phones, you must register your building with nbn™. Unregistered services that still use existing networks may be disconnected, and will stop working. In most cases, the existing copper networks will be disconnected four - six months prior to the nbn™ network being made available in your area. To negate a break in service continuity for your emergency lift phones, KAV Technolgy Specialists and nbn™ recommend you register your building with nbn™ as soon as possible.

Register your building and help to minimise a break in service for your emergency telephone lines. Registering your building is quick and easy but you will need to have the following information handy when you register:

  • Your position and contact details;

  • The building or site address;

  • The number of floors, lifts, fire emergency panels;

  • The telephone numbers which relate to each of these services; and If your building is part of a body corporate or strata plan, please also have those details handy.

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