Interactive Technologies

As meeting rooms become more complicated, so do the technologies required become more powerful to ensure no message is ever lost in translation.

We have a range of technologies available to allow full interaction between peers on a range of different levels. Interactive projectors from respected companies such as Epson allow you to draw on a projected screen with only your fingertips. Touch-screen displays provide intuitive interfaces to maximise productivity no matter the level of technical proficiency of the end-user.

On top of that, we can motorise trolleys, carts and displays so they can slip seamlessly out of sight when not in use, keeping your space minimal and your products safe. We can build PC’s into your existing environment to avoid any eye-sores.

And lastly, we understand that not everybody has the same level of expertise. That is why our experienced installers offer free training for any system supplied, with on-going service agreements possible at your request.

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