We have dozens of projection options available to suit your specific needs.

Select from a range of leading projector manufacturers including Sony, Epson, Panasonic & more - if there’s something specific you need, we can get it for you! No matter the size of the venue, our technicians will ensure you have the perfect, custom-tailored experience to fit your requirements.

Some new projection features include:

  • Interactive projectors

  • Projection mapping to ensure your image is always perfect

  • Select the right projector for the right application!

  • We can install motorised lifts, cages, etc so your projector is always safe and out-of-the-way when not in use!

  • The latest generation of super bright projectors allow for crystal clear display in nearly any lighting environment.

  • Project onto any surface or screen, with effectively limitless options.

And don’t forget that we offer servicing and service & maintenance agreements, ensuring that you will have peace-of-mind should anything go wrong!

Contact us today at or on 1300 666 443 to find out more!