Gym Audio Systems

Gym Audio Systems

Get a quality system that fills your site, no matter the size!

Depending on the system, features include:

  • Easily controlled from your preferred phone, tablet or computer systemC

  • Integration with your favorite music services

  • Quality fitness microphones from Shure

  • Automatic mixing of microphones. No more manual control needed!

  • Protect your investment! Our systems can’t be tampered with via dials & sliders

  • System can’t be over driven

  • Even sound coverage. No more deafening levels in certain areas, or low levels in others.

  • No system humming or buzzing

  • System can automatically turn on and off, and alter its volume with custom scheduling

  • Quality brands like JBL, Crown BSS, Australian Monitor, and more.

  • A solution for all budgets

  • Our system is defeatable via EVAC, Security Announcements, Paging, etc.

  • Automatic volume leveling depending on ambient noise

  • Remote support & management

Contact us today at or on 1300 666 443 to find out more!