RFID Gym Tags

RFID gym tags - From $1 per tag

KAV Technology provides a range of key fobs, tags or cards with your choice of personalised design. Get in touch today for a no-obligation free sample so you can be sure our RFID gym tags work for you.

Our tags are manufactured at the highest quality in Australia.

Starting at $1 per tag, our range of tags are of the highest quality to ensure your brand is always professionally represented. With a 14 business-day turnaround from order confirmation to delivery anywhere in Australia or New Zealand and a back-up blank supply always on hand, we will make sure you are never caught out.

Personalised Access Cards

Personalised Access Cards

What to know before ordering?

Different systems require different fobs, tags or cards. Get in touch with us today via the contact form below, takecontrol@kudosav.com.au or 1300 666 443, and one of our staff will arrange a consultation to ensure you are getting the best possible tag solution for your site.

Payment can be via credit card when you order or for existing customer accounts, we will invoice you on delivery honoring your existing terms.

For repeat customers with regular purchases, there is a good chance that we will have your tags in stock ready to go, reducing the lead time significantly.

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Key fob/tag/card formats

We are able to support many different formats to support any reader that you may have including the HID, Mifare and Desfire ranges amongst many others. We support RFID readers in the following formats:

  • Mifare 1k

  • Mifare Ultralight

  • Mifare Ultralight C

  • Mifare Plus S2K

  • Mifare Plus S4K

  • Desfire EV1 8k

  • Desfire EV1 4k

  • Desfire EV1 2k

  • TK4100

  • EM4200

  • EM4305

  • EM4450

  • T5577

  • MF1S70

  • HID Prox

  • FM11RF32

  • ISSI4469

  • NTAG203

  • NTAG210

  • NTAG213

  • NTAG215

  • NTAG216

  • MF1S50

  • Topaz 512

  • MF1S50

  • FM11RF08

  • ISSI4439

  • TKS50

  • TI 2K



Contact us for a competitive quote next time you’re looking to produce RFID tags for your gym. We’re one of the leading distributors in Australia, with great pricing to match.
1300 666 443, or takecontrol@kudosav.com.au