Stop Tailgating at your Gym

Stop Tailgating at your Gym



Tailgating is a real problem for many industries, especially 24 hour gyms. Gym’s through Australia and New Zealand are consistently losing money through non-members sneaking into their facility without paying. Some members bring friends in to workout with, thinking that by coming in when they know there will be no staff on-site, they will be able to get away with their partner using the gym without paying.  Other times a non-member will wait by the door, then when a valid member enters, they will sneak in behind them without the members knowledge.



  • Detecting the incident in the first place

  • Lost revenue from non members access your gym

  • Theft

  • Persons working out without knowing the emergency procedures if an incident occurred

  • No way to identify those in the gym if a member was assaulted

  • Tailgating devices such as turnstile are expensive and take up considerable space

  • Servicing and upkeep of turnstiles can be expensive

  • Turnstiles can be climbed over and staff will not be made aware that an event has occurred.



At KAV Technology Specialists, we have many tools at our disposal to reduce or even eliminate tailgating all together. These tailgating solutions can be installed as part of our 24 hour automation and security system, when you covert your gym to 24/7 or even retrofitted to existing sites. The solution that we will recommend for each gym will be specifically designed around your site, with security in mind.


How does it work?

There are multiple resources at our disposal to capture tailgating including;

Video On Entry

We can offer “video on entry” integration with your current access control system so that by simply clicking a on a members entry activity on the reception computer, you are able to see a video on screen of members scanning in after hours, clearly seeing if a tailgating incident occurs.

Door Detective

The Door Detective is an automated tailgating device that continuously monitors the access control door after staffed hours. If a tailgating incident is detected, a red strobe light near the door is activated and a buzzer sounds on-site. The camera covering the access control door then takes a photo of the tailgating event and emails it to the gyms email account. In the morning the staff can simply open up their emails to see the tailgating event right in front of them.



The cost of the installation depends on the gym itself, the access control door as well as other site specific factors. The cost of the installation can be leased for most sites and will range from $30 – $50 per week after your company tax deduction. 

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